Mufti Rasheed Ahmed

Mufti Rasheed has been serving the Muslim community of Ottawa-Gatineau from 2009 onward. During this period, he has also been conducting Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic Studies and Quran programs. Mufti Rasheed also operates Al-Qasmi Institute, where students are learning Quran recitation, memorization and Islamic studies. Alhamdulillah, nine students have completed the Memorization of the Noble Quran under his guidance, with the eldest student being 12 years of age and the youngest being 6 years of age, masha'Allah.

Mufti Rasheed has studied Islam for 13 years and graduated from one of the world’s well known Islamic Universities in India. In this period, he has covered subjects such as hifdh with tajweed, translation and tafseer of the complete Noble Quran, Ahadith books, fiqh of all 4 Imams and specialization in Classical Arabic. He has also received the authority to interpret and give fatwa and successfully achieved five Islamic Degrees: 1) Hafidh, 2) Scholar, 3) Mufassir, 4) Muaddib and 5) Mufti.

Mufti Rasheed is currently teaching the 'Guardian of the Quran' hifdh program for Tarbiyah Learning.